What and who is Ape Computers? Ape Computers started nearly 8 years ago. My best friend, Chris, and I wanted to improve the way people see computers. It’s rather difficult to have a love for computers when you are not aware of how they work. Chris and I realized that some people were purchasing new computers every year or sooner because their current computer malfunctioned somehow and they do not know how to fix it, so they figure purchasing a new laptop will solve the problem. Computers cost thousands of dollars, especially new ones, and to buy a new one every year is ridiculous. Some people enjoy using the computers they have, but something happens, and the computer stops working. Repairing some computers can cost as much as purchasing a new one! The prices my best friend and I saw were outrageous. We decided then we could help a lot of people by fixing their computers. Our prices are lower and our service is a lot better than much of our competition.

Once the idea started, we took it at ran with it. Not only are our prices lower and service is a lot better, but we offer services not too many other computer services offer. We pay for shipping and handling if you need to mail us your computer, as well as, sending the computer back to you, so the customer does not pay for any form of shipping and handling. We offer computer parts for people who prefer to fix their computer on their own. We can fix computers remotely or it can be sent in for an evaluation. Our extensive evaluation of a computer includes many different tests to determine the cause of the problems the user is having. Too often, a computer starts to act wonky as soon as the warranty expires. We can still help! We will fix the computer and add our warranty to it so you will be covered with insurance for your computer in the event anything else goes wrong.

About 3 years ago, Ape Computers extended their services and began to service cell phones, iPads, tablets, and other electronics. There’s no worse feeling than purchasing a phone that costs close to $1000 and something happening to it. Many of our customers are iPhone users who have dropped their phone on the pavement or in the toilet. iPhones are the hottest phones available today, and everyone wants one. As soon as these phones are damaged, they often require extensive repairs to make them work as they did when they were purchased. Ape Computers are here to get the job done! We can fix and repair damaged phone screens, phone charging ports, and malfunctions with the central command system of the phone. Phones are a lot like computers, and sometimes, when one thing goes wrong, everything else seems to follow. We’re here when things happen because we are available 24/7. You can call or video chat with us to see if we can get the situation taken care of remotely!