Over the years, Ape Computers has had many different clients, some of which are our current clients. A few of these awesome clients include Wingdale, LessGate, and CityWare! These three clients always stand out in my best friend’s and I’s mind because these are the three clients we started this business with. We had everything we needed, except the clients. It took us six months to land clients, and these three clients help make us the awesome company we are today. We have several services when we started, but adding these clients helped us broaden our horizons and do more than we ever thought we could.

Wingdale helped us with our services. At the time, we offered the basic computer services, and Wingdale gave us the opportunity to fix their computers and network. We did so well with these clients that we decided to add networking to our services list. Wingdale remains a current client.

LessGate is a client that came 7 months after we added Wingdale as a client. They needed residential and commercial services, and we were up for the job! Today, LessGate’s computers are performing better than ever thanks to Ape Computers! LessGate is one of our current clients at this time.

CityWare started small like we did, and wanted a few business solutions for their network and needed help choosing the best computers for their business. We helped as much as we could by giving advice, as well as, setting up their network. Today, We are proud to say CityWare is one of the biggest companies for software in the US and UK. CityWare has been one of Ape Computer’s clients for many years!

Today, Ape Computers is one of the best computer repair/service companies because these three companies allowed us to showcase our expertise. We continue to add new clients daily, whether they require residential or commercial services. We have been in business for many years, and continue to help people with the computers, network solutions, and other instances. We are proud or business has grown into what it is today. We worked hard, and although some times of building the business were rough, my best friend and I still pushed forward and never gave up on our vision and dreams. Because we persevered, you now know us as Ape Computers.

Very recently we were lucky enough to partner up with a UK online casino BGO. We got a great insight into the gambling market and we helped improve their casino website.

So do you or someone you know require computer repair or other computer services? Ape Computers is always here to help! Regardless of the time of day or night, we are here to help you find the best solutions for your computer for your business or residence. Many of our services can be performed over the phone or online, which means you never have to leave the comfort of your home! No matter how big or small you think your computer issue is, we can help, so please do not hesitate to call us! Contact us today to get your business network setup or set up a network for your residence! We are available 24/7!