At Ape Computers, we offer a variety of services for residential and commercial purposes. Many of the services we offer set us apart from our competitors, and we are proud to be unique!

Residential Services

One of the most popular residential services we offer here at Ape Computers is networking help. A lot of the time your router needs to be rebooted, refreshed or reset in order to work properly. We can help you safely reboot your router and help you get online in as little as 10 minutes. If you would like to have a wireless networking solution, but currently do not, we can help you set it up! We also help with network security. Every wireless network should have a password. An open connection is what is often referred to as an open connection, which means anyone can connect to your network and access all of your files/documents, including personal information!

System protection is another service we offer at Ape Computers. Yes, your wireless network needs to be secure, but so does your computer. Have you noticed your computer running slower than usual? This is a common issue we resolve at Ape Computers. This issue is caused by viruses and worms that infect your computer and cause it to frequently run slowly or become unresponsive. We help you set up virus security on your computer and ensure it stays updated. There are a lot of different virus protection software that is available, and it can be difficult to choose the best one for your needs. We will help you choose the best software available so viruses, malware, and spyware do not take over your computer.

Business Services

One of the most popular business services we offer is routine maintenance and cleaning. There are computers made with business purposes in mind, and although the computers you have are for your business, they still need to be cleaned just as a computer you use for at home or for other purposes. Ape Computers helps you free disk and ram space from your computer so it operates smoothly. Many times, disk space is stored cookies and other instances from websites you can clear from your computer without causing it to malfunction. Another popular business service we offer is website design and development services. These services help businesses with brand awareness, online reputation, and help with surpassing competitors, just to name a few. We know how business running a business can be, and we’re here to take come of the pressure off! We spend time building your business’s website to ensure we generate traffic to your site and make sure it is SEO optimized so your website ranks highly on search engines. We’re your one-stop shop for helping your business soar! We are available 24/7 for spare the moment ideas and any other ideas or changes you would like to incorporate into your website. We can take care of many different things to make sure your business runs as hassle-free as possible. It’s always a great time to improve your business! Contact us today so we can handle many of your business needs.